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  1. Quarter Season Report Cards

    Alright everybody I wanna hear about how your players have been doing this season. Grade them/rank them/describe them; I don't care how you do it. For :flames: Johnny Gaudreau - A- he's been pretty standard, creating plays all the time. Sean Monahan - A- same as Gaudreau really, just finishing rather than creating. He looks stronger on the puck than before. Elias Lindholm - A better than I could have hoped for and much more skilled than I expected. He's the defensive conscience of the...
  2. How should we be judging goaltenders?

    Basically, whenever I see any argument about goaltenders on here it always comes down to save percentage. Whenever I see someone talking about a goalie, save percentage is the most important stat. I rarely, if ever, see an argument about a goaltender that uses a stat other than save percentage. There has to be more to goaltending than that though, right? I've seen the argument that wins is the most important statistic for goaltenders, and I'm almost inclined to agree. There's nothing more...
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