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    Ranking all 31 Teams' Performances at the TDL

    March is very soon upon us, and us armchair-GMs have now done our jobs: stressing over the moves the GMs of all our favourite teams have or have not made, causing us endless pain and terrifying the living daylights out of us. ‘Are we going to pay for the privilege of seeing Cody Ceci wear our crest?!’ is an example of a dreadful thought one could have had in the past few weeks. Previously, I’ve written about how expensive rentals rarely turn out to be worth the assets given up for them, and...
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    Don't Trade for Expensive Rentals!

    The TDL is approaching, and all the trade discussion seems to revolve around mortgaging a team's future for rentals. Myself, I don't agree one bit with this approach; it is evident that buying at TDL is a prime example of the practice of buying high, and often times you won't get much bang for your buck. Below is a list of all the 'expensive' trade deadline rentals from 2015 to this date (this cutoff is based on my own knowledge of these trades; I don't want to review deals which I don't...
  3. How teams should acquire their goalies? (long)

    Goaltending. That’s right, that one little thing that can bail out a slacking team at any given night – and on the other hand, it has the power to ruin everything your skaters have done right in a matter of minutes. This past year, the top 10 goalies had an impact of 27 to 15 GSAA (goals saved above average), which is enormous and practically puts you in the playoff race by itself. On the other hand, if you happen to sign Scott Darling, the exact opposite is true. Few things in hockey are as...
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