Articles from NA Scouting

  1. Talent evaluation at the bantam/midget levels

    I was looking at the past two QMJHL drafts and something very interesting came up. During the 2015-16 season four players were permitted to play in Midget AAA in Quebec even though they were still of Bantam age (14 yrs old); Xavier Parent, Samuel Poulin, Xavier Simoneau and Olivier Desroches. It is fun to compare them to their peers now a couple of years later. Parent first caught attention when he killed Pee-Wee AAA posting 113 points in 30 regular season games and was even dubbed the...
  2. My opinion on why it's impossible to predict a goalie prospect's future success

    Nowadays we often hear people say they dont want to see their team draft a goalie high in the first round (or even in the first round, period). Because they are so hard to project, it's basically a wasted pick. Many goalies drafted in the first round end up busting hard, while a lot of goalies drafted later end up having NHL success (Rinne, Halak, Lundqvist, etc). I find it weird because the only thing that matters for a goalie is: can he stop the puck? So all the scouts have to do is find...
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