Articles from zeke

  1. Official Top-20 Center Rankings

    And by official, I mean mine, of course. So after all the fighting on the other threads, i tried to crank out a stats-based Center ranking, but nothing too fancy. At the same time it's both complicated and simple. NOTE: IF YOU HATE STATS JUST SKIP TO THE BOTTOM FOR THE FINAL RANKINGS Here's how I approached it. I looked at the last 2 seasons. This imo is the best combo of "recent" and "good sample size" to judge a player's current value. But it's not perfect, of course, especially when it...
  2. The State of the Leafs - what do we have here, exactly?

    With the pre-playoff break, I wanted to delve down and try to see exactly what we have here. I'm going to look both at this year's stats alone and the past 2yrs stats together to try and get a clear picture of what our players actually are. These are all the stats that I've learned to depend on as the most useful and accurate ones to assess hockey performance. This is my best assessment of the roster we have - and I'd love to hear your guys' own assessments as well. Feel free to add your...
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