Most Surprising and Biggest Let Downs

  1. Zack Kelly
    After the preliminary round I have decided on my choices for the most surprising performances and the biggest let downs so far!
    Most Surprising:

    1. Ryan Poehling
    I myself as a Habs fan has been dieing too see this kid in the red white and blue but is patiently waiting for his arrival, his performance in the world juniors has been very reassuring too how solid of a player he is he plays a 200FT game and has been one of if not the best player thus far is the tournament leading in points and in a 3 way tie for goals. Yes I know 3 of his goals are in one game and he has a crazy high shooting percentage but he has been stellar whole tournament.

    2. Alexandre Romanov
    Sticking too my guns with the Montreal prospects seeing Romanovs 0 points in 28 games so far in the KHL was slightly alarming but not too worrying he is still young and has lots of improvements too make but this tourney has shown us the skill he has to shut down defensively and create chances offensively. just to compare he has the same number of points as Kravtsov who is the same draft year but a top 10 pick and a forward.

    3. Philipp Kurashev
    Already looking like a 4th round steal for Chicago who is in dire need for some steals Kurashev is having a great season in the QMJHL and continued his success into the Juniors on a decent but not great Switzerland squad with 5 goals in 4 games he is looking strong so far

    Biggest Let Downs:

    1. Filip Zadina
    6th overall pick of the Red Wings hasn't exactly caught traction yet in the AHL this season although still young doesn't look good because of how strong this kid was supposed to be coming out of the draft with just 1 point in 4 games and a -2 thus far Zadina hasn't looked good. I don't think Wings fans should be worried but it is disappointing too see him struggling so far.

    2. Mads Soegaard
    The 6.7ft tall 18 year old danish is having a great season in the WHL this season but without being able to find form for Denmark he isn't helping the fact that Denmark is struggling. I wouldn't blame the projected first round goalie for the 2019 draft for Denmark's struggles but i cant not put him here looking at his numbers in league V.S the tournament.

    3. Eeli Tolvanen
    For someone who was supposed to be a difference maker at the beginning of the year for the Preds hasn't found his form from the KHL in the year previous. Not making the roster this season for Nashville and struggling in the AHL Tolvanen needed this tourney to show he is still a top prospect but without a goal in any of the 4 games he is not turning any heads as of now.

    Honorable Mentions:
    Alexis Lafreniere - Still crazy young I know DONT KILL ME but like 1 point in 4 games
    Rasmus Kupari
    Vasili Podkolzin - not great for projected top 5 pick
    Jaret Anderson-Dolan
    Jared McIssac

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