ATD2019 Conference Final - Chicago Shamrocks vs. Sokovia Recorders

Discussion in 'All Time Draft' started by BenchBrawl, Apr 30, 2019.

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    I’m not disappointed with the result. I think the right teams made the final 4, and depending on the matchups any could have won. Chicago is a worthy winner here.

    As I mentioned in the other thread, however, I am very disappointed in the lack of debate that went on. Aside from a few very uninformed pot shots about my coach, by a GM who obviously didn’t care to even read the bio I had written, there was zero discussion this round.

    I didn’t feel any of my three opponent even tried to win. It was quite annoying, since the playoff debate has always been my favourite aspect of this draft.
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    I know.Seems people are too busy for the ATD nowadays.Probably goes with the crowd getting older, and perhaps fatigue after so many years doing it.The buzz around the ATD is not what it used to be, and it saddens me.I'd wish we had many youngsters to pass the torch to.We'll see what happens next year, you never know.

    BTW, this is why I wanted only 4 teams to make the playoffs before the draft started, but many insisted on more.At least with 4 teams there's more chance people will care if they make it, but perhaps not too.
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    Apologies for my lack of participation in this series, just been overwhelmed with "real life" stuff. Thanks to those who voted the Shamrocks on to the Finals, and a very big thanks to Dreakmur for leading the discussion here. Sokovia was one of the best teams of the draft for sure.

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