Average Breakaways Per Game

Discussion in 'By The Numbers' started by Nedved Petr, May 31, 2019.

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    Can anyone who watches a lot of hockey give me an idea of the amount of breakaways that occur in your average NHL game? I'm interested for a simulation board game I'm working on.

    The more detail the better - the variance of breakaways is key data as well (e.g. once saw a game with 1 total breakaway vs 20 breakaways in one game).

    As much as I want to stray away from rough guesses, that may be all a lot of you have. I'm thinking there must be some hardcore fans who have a really good idea just based on the excessive amount of games watched.

    Breakaway can be loosely defined (i.e. partial break).

    Thank you!
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  2. Los Patos de Anaheim

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    I would say each team probably averages less than one a game
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    This is a good question, one I share. Also I wonder about 2-on-1's and 3-on-2's.

    If you're talking about a clear cut breakaway with modest or minimal backcheck pressure and the offensive player behind all 5 defensive players with a clear path to the center of the net, then yeah, that's probably right. Those kinds of breakaways are pretty rare.

    If we use last night's WSH TOR game as an example...

    This one probably quaifies as a breakaway with no quirks.

    Now this one is more subjective if it's really a breakaway...he didn't fully get past Tavares until the hashmark and he came from just inside the dotline on an angle, wasn't straight on. I'd say this isn't a breakaway.

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