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    The strike-through is used to show settings from vBulletin that have changed with the migration to this software. This is still a work in progress.


    regular: limit=100; max rec=1, non-searchable
    sponsors: limit=300; max rec=3, searchable

    NEW: (now called Conversations)
    Regular: no limit on number. Maximum conversation recipients: 5
    Sponsor: no limit on number. Maximum conversation recipients: 12

    regular: none
    sponsors: 5 lines, 1 image, may use up to size 4 font

    Can change username:
    regular: once a year
    sponsors: once every 120 days

    regular: 125x125, 20K (vB default)
    sponsors: 150x150, 50k

    regular 97x97 50k
    sponsors: 97x97 100k

    regular: on/1mB
    sponsors: on/10mB

    Quota = 1mB for all

    Photo album:
    regular: 50 image upload limit
    Sponsors: 300 image upload limit

    Replaced with Media Gallery - no quota at this time

    Ad-Free Option:
    regular: not available
    sponsors: disabled automatically

    regular: may bet vcash on events
    Sponsors: may post, bet vcash, and settle own events on designated vBookie forums.

    Replaced with Sportsbook and Bet Exchange (allows private bets between members)
    same benefits

    Flood Check
    regular: 30 seconds
    Sponsors: none

    New addresses discontinued
    Existing addresses not affected

    Sponsors may be given preferential access to new features as they become available.

    Preferential Treatment by moderators: NONE
    Our rules will be applied equally to everyone.

    Cost $12/yr
    To become a sponsor visit

    Thanks for your support!

    Become a Sponsor and Fight Breast Cancer
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