Kitchener Rangers 2019-20 Season Thread

Discussion in 'OHL' started by EON, Aug 23, 2019.

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    Jan 12, 2019
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    As an outsider looking in i thought for sure Kitchener was a buyer this year but i didn't realize the makeup of your roster.

    You have 3 great OAs, Damiani who I've been a huge fan of since are playoff series in 2018 (never getting over that game 5 btw lol) & Vukojevic/Inghan who are studs.

    But you have quite the group of 02s & 03s lead by Pinelli who i really wanted Sarnia to grab & Valade who is primed for a breakout next yr..

    Quite the spot for the GM. Conference is for the taking but is it worth possibly trading away some of those 02s/03s?

    Look forward to are meetings this year! Always fun playing you guys.
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  2. Torgo

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    We've had injuries early on and guys not returning until a few games into the season. Not surprised we don't "know who we are" yet and probably won't until Christmas, but I'm sure we'll have the same conversation, as if it's a new one and not a re tread, every day on here until then. It's that point in the season where the nostalgia and pining for the DeBoer days starts again. Wasn't expecting to know what our D corp was fully like until the new year, as euro D coming over for the first time can take a half season or so to fully adjust to the NA game and NA ice.
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    The buy or sell question is what we do on here often. Therefore, we’ll probably be rehashing it over and over again between now and the deadline - every year.

    I don’t think the pining for the DeBoer days will ever end on here. I’m hoping years from now we’ll be pining for the MM days too!

    I agree on our import D. But Bergkvist seems to have come on slow while Ottavainen seems to have come into his own ahead of schedule. I expected it to be the other way around.

    As for who we are, we likely could easily have 5 or 6 more points at this point this year with a little more consistency. That’s something. But part of deciding who we are is the makeup of our roster age wise and depth of our draft pick cupboard, and the comparison of both to the identified contenders in the conference.

    We’re at a disadvantage in both areas. We’ll need our younger players to be the difference if we expect to go all in.
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