Trade: SAS/VIC - Haden for Walford

Discussion in 'WHL' started by Big Tony, Aug 20, 2019.

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    Saskatoon Receives: Scott Walford (LD), 2020 7th

    Victoria Receives: Gary Haden (LF), Riley Gannon (RF), 2022 4th

    Saskatoon did a good job rounding out their defensive corp, adding Walford the same week they sign Zabransky and Kucerik. Their 99's now include Hughes, Walford, and Kneen. Though Haden was excellent in his time with Saskatoon, they had the depth up front to justify moving the 30 goal scorer.

    Victoria will struggle in 19/20, but the addition of Haden up front will help some of their younger guys get going. The duo of Haden and Oliver will get a lot of ice time, and may end up being moved again at the deadline.

    Good deal for Saskatoon, ok deal for Victoria, the fourth round pick makes it easier to swallow.

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