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    I am back looking for 1 new GM to enter my world of simulated hockey, the SWHL, which also happens to be the only WHL sim hockey on the net. The league can be found here: . For those that do not know what sim hockey is, its like fantasy hockey but more hands on and in depth. We have some really good, hard core, knowledgable WHL fans in this group and im hoping i can find another...

    Requirements to join:
    * Must have knowledge about the WHL (rules/players/etc)
    * We use STHS (Simon T Hockey) download so you need to have to have a PC to dowload the program
    * Patience as you learn the intrequecies of sim hockey
    * Regular communication via email and our messanger app

    Not Required to join:
    * Experiance in sim hockey- some of our best GM's had no sim hockey experiance before they joined. I have a welcome document to help walk through the league.
    * Money...because its free!

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, send me an email to [email protected]


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